Welcome to Positive Medicine

Let's thrive: Whole Person Health and Healing for ourselves and our communities.

About Us

Founded by Award- winning author and Occupational Physician, Dr David Beaumont, Positive Medicine is a philosophy and a concept. It is also a systematic, grounded framework. Positive Medicine will take you on an experiential journey to help you to understand all of the aspects of our lives that make up our health: Physical Health, Psychological Health, Emotional Health and Spiritual Health (What brings meaning and purpose to life). 

Why You Should Join Us

Together, we can create a future where the model of healthcare is one that empowers us as individuals to take control of our own health and find the balance that we need to lead a life that is fulfilling, fun and productive in the direction of what's important for us. Positive Medicine provides the foundational framework that allows you to create a plan for Whole Person Health and Healing for yourself. The Positive Medicine Academy trains health professionals to practice to a Positive Medicine Model of care, one that enables health professionals to create a future in medicine that is healthy for patients and practitioners alike.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for taking this courageous journey with us. Thank you for sharing your successes, your challenges and the transformational journeys that inspire us. The message of Positive Medicine is supporting real change in the world with your help, experience and learned wisdom!