Welcome to Positive Medicine

Let's thrive: Whole Person Health and Healing for ourselves and our communities.

About Us

Founded by Award- winning author and Occupational Physician, Dr David Beaumont, Positive Medicine is a philosophy and a concept. It is also a systematic, grounded framework that provides resources and guidance to healthcare professionals to enable you to support your clients to develop Whole Person Health.

Why You Should Join Us

As a healthcare practitioner, you know that the practice of medicine needs to be different. You understand how essential it is for people to take responsibility for their own health. You want to gently guide your patients or clients toward improving their life, and their health. And you want to have a group of colleagues who share your vision. We provide professional certification for practitioners to practice Positive Medicine, and a peer network to learn from, support and encourage one another as we face the challenges necessary to create Positive change.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for taking this courageous journey with us. Thank you for sharing your successes, your challenges and the transformational journeys that inspire us. The message of Positive Medicine is supporting real change in the world with your help, experience and learned wisdom!